Our work

Northwest Food Alliance is a purpose led organization committed to a food secure community. Our principal consultants and associates represent over 25 years of field work in almost every aspect of hunger and food waste. We work at a community level to develop actionable strategies for a more efficient, equitable, nourishing food system for all.We focus on projects that present real change opportunities measured by human impact. We know food and understand the complexities and value of creating healthy food systems and employ innovative thinking with a practical slant. We deliver a unique approach to big issues and the people who step up to address them.

Food Recovery

We work with food retailers, hunger relief organizations, municipalities, and other community stakeholders toward solutions that improve the quality and quantity of donated food while keeping more food from going to waste. 

Meal Programs & Food Banks

We offer consulting services to help meal providers and food banks deliver high quality services by developing menu plans, food purchasing and recovery strategies, food safety protocols and documentation, and nutrition guides.

Community Building

We are committed to exploring solutions at the intersection of food insecurity and food waste by convening diverse stakeholders to foster innovation and collaboration.

We work with a broad spectrum of community stakeholders on project management, program design, research, staff training, and community-based food projects. Past project partners include: